DVZ Podcast: “We want to position ourselves more broadly in Europe”

DVZ Podcast: “We want to position ourselves more broadly in Europe”.

In the podcast of the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung DVZ our CEO Dennis Wallenda explains to DVZ online editor Frederic Witt how JITpay™ wants to save carriers tedious work with its services.

You can hear the entire interview (in german) here.


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JITpay™ stands for Just In Time pay!

About us

JITpay™ is a fast-growing payment service provider specializing in the logistics industry. Founded in 2016, JITpay™ GmbH digitizes billing and payment processes in logistics. JITpay™ takes over the complete service settlement between client and contractor and combines this with a specially developed (reverse) factoring program, which enables immediate payment of the contractors as well as flexible payment terms for the clients.

JITpay™ has its own, fully digital factoring company. JITpay™ currently employs over 50 people with locations in Berlin and Duisburg. The company is headquartered in Braunschweig.