The JITpay™ family launches relief campaign

The JITpay™ family launches relief campaign

The news of the past few days was dominated by the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia throughout Germany and Europe. The images of sunken houses, destroyed streets and helpless people are probably burned into our memory for a long time. It was therefore all the more painful to learn that the flood had also affected the JITpay™ family, and that the entire belongings of one of our employee’s closest relatives had been washed away by the flood waters.

After this news reached us last Thursday, the will to help quickly grew. A truck was quickly organized through the Wandt forwarding company and packed with furniture, clothing and food, which set off west on Saturday.

Although the water masses are slowly receding, the destruction is immense and the clean-up work will continue for weeks. Until the furniture can finally be moved to the affected villages, it is being stored at the Strieder forwarding company, which also immediately pledged its support.

“That makes me proud”

“It is really great that so many colleagues have made time at such short notice to pitch in and help. That also makes me a bit proud,” Dr. Daniel Steinke, Managing Director of JITpay™ GmbH, is pleased to say. “A big thank you to all the helpers and in particular once again to Anthony Wandt, who spontaneously left us a truck for the transport, as well as Martin Strieder, who provided us with a storage location nearby and thus really made our work easier.”

The affected family was also pleased with the quick support: “We are really overwhelmed by the willingness to help and can hardly put our thanks into words. We still haven’t realized what happened in the past few days, but the quick help makes us optimistic that we will also overcome this crisis.”

If you also want to help, the easiest way is via various donation portals, such as the Wirtschaftsjunioren Rhein-Ahr. The Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler has set up a donation account so that your donation goes directly to the region:
Donation account: DE86 5775 1310 0000 3394 57
Intended use: Hochwasserhilfe

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