The first time?

JITpay™ gives it to you

quick and easy.

Sounds familiar?

You fulfil an order and the client doesn’t pay. Guess that’s bad luck! or not?

Not if you work with JITpay™. JITpay™ is the the transport industry partner when it comes to fast and reliable payment of your invoice.

No Risk! No waiting!
Just JITpay™!

Carriers working with JITpay™ receive payment for the order in their account within 24 to 48 hours.

Carriers that work with JITpay™ never have to discuss payment terms with their clients again.

Carriers working with JITpay™ have simpler processes, more liquidity and no risk. From order acceptance to payment. Everything from one source in one portal and just-in-time.

Why carriers trust us:

Get your money fast: Within 24 to 48 hours after submitting the delivery receipt, the money is on your account. Guaranteed! You can take care of the next job right after the delivery is completed, without waiting for the payment.

Simply digital:
With all JITpay™’s systems together it’s a child’s play to edit, manage and send invoices at the click of a button. We do the rest!

No surprises:
Transparency is very important for us! There are no hidden costs or fees with JITpay™. We charge only one fee per invoice submitted.

No one is that willing!

Get your money now!
400 € in 24h/48h for only 11,96 €

!Cheaper than cash-discount!

JITpay fees at a glance:

JITpay™ charges for a payment term of:
→ 30 days, a fee of only 2.99% on the invoice amount.
→ 45 days, a fee of only 3.49% on the invoice amount.
→ 60 days, a fee of only 3.99% on the invoice amount.
→ 90 days, a fee of only 4,99% of the invoice amount.

Sample calculation:
Your order value 400 € – our fee 11,96 € with 30 days payment term.


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These are already fans of JITpay™

“We use JITpay™ via TIMOCOM’s marketplace and are very satisfied with it. We have been with JITpay™ from the beginning and now, thanks to the cooperation with TIMOCOM, there are even better financial conditions.”


“When I use JITpay™’s service, I can be sure that my money will actually reach me. I can take the job without having to hassle over long payment terms.”

Angelika Lehmann

Invoice at the push of a button!

With JITinvoice you can create your invoices automatically, send them and have them paid immediately by JITpay™.

It’s as simple as that: 

Firstly you submit the delivery receipt in the JITpay™ portal. Then, with the help of JITinvoice, you can generate the invoice for free with just a few clicks and send it to your client. 

Done! You will receive your money in 24 to 48 hours through JITpay™.

5 reasons why you should start with JITpay™ NOW:

  1. Payment following delivery, so you are independent of banks and your in-laws 
  2. No minimum term or minimum volume
  3. No hidden costs or fees
  4. No risk of default – we do it for you
  5. No more work and trouble with reminders or debt collection
The fuel card

JITfuel™ = Top Dog at the gas pump

Never have problems with limits on your fuel card!
The JITfuel™ fuel card without security retentions is your solution!


No security necessary, our security is your transport order


No card limit for billing via JITpay™ through the cashpool


Attractive fuel prices 


15,000 gas stations throughout Europe
More info at:


No hidden costs


On request: 100% CO2 compensated fuel


Charging infrastructure for e-Trucks with 136,000 charging points in Europe