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JITpay™ is your financing partner for logistics. We see ourselves as a reliable specialist provider and combine our many years of logistics know-how with modern financing options. Our broad knowledge of the challenges and trends in the industry enables us to offer suitable solutions. This results in individual factoring proposals, which offer you, as our customer, maximum flexibility


That's how easy JITcash works!

In the JITpay™ portal, you can easily create invoices for your transport order or submit existing transport invoices.
In both cases you have guaranteed money within 48 hours on your bank account.

You already have your own transport order and a delivery document?

Use the JITpay™ portal and create and send your invoice for the order with just a few clicks.


Have you already created your own order, the delivery document and the invoice?

Submit your completed documents with just a few clicks to the JITpay™ portal.

This is what JITpay™ stand for

Tired of long payment terms from your clients? Try JITcash – the factoring service from JITpay™ for easy, secure and super fast payment of your receivables.

Our promise to you:

Fast payment: You will receive the money in your bank account within 48 hours after the first internal checks are completed.

Security: 100% protection against bad debts or outstanding claims, because of guaranteed payment of the submitted and accepted transport invoices.

The easy way: Submit your invoices wherever you are! With our digital solution you can easily submit your transport invoices on the road.

How much does it cost?

JITpay™ only charges one fee per submitted transport invoice, depending on the agreed payment term. No hidden costs, no surprises.

For 30 days, the JITpay™ fee is 2,99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 14,45 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 45 days, the JITpay™ fee is 3,49% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 17,45 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 60 days, the JITpay™ fee is 3,99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 19,95 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 90 days, the JITpay™ fee is 4,99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 24,95 € for an order value of 500 €.

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