More than a fuel card

for your cash flow

The hybrid fuel card

JITpay™ and TIMOCOM have joined forces to offer forwarders and carriers an innovative fuel management solution:

The hybrid fuel card developed in additional cooperation with our network partner Eurowag not only simplifies the organisation of refuelling processes, but also reduces operating costs and increases your liquidity.

Curious? Order your hybrid fuel card today.

If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +49 531 387 630 – 10 or by e-mail at

If you have any questions on topics such as card configuration, card blocking or requests for new pin codes, you can conveniently contact Eurowag customer service on +420 233 555 111 or via

Your advantages in an overview

The most attractive fuel prices always at a glance

That is how it works:

1. Fill out the online contact form

2. Request a fuel card

3. Soon configure your card according to your wishes and use it at one of our partner petrol stations

Filling up at low prices and getting paid quickly - no problem with JITpay™!

Put an end to financial shortages in modern transport logistics!

JITpay™ offers the solution for your flawless cash flow – quick, easy and cost-effective! Because with us you not only get the most attractive price, but you also get paid when you deserve it: Immediately after delivery of the goods!

Profit from our benefits:

Very fast payment of your transport invoices
No default risk - we cover 100% of this for you
No minimum submission and no minimum volume required
No contract period
No hidden charges

After registering, use our billing service directly and easily via the TIMOCOM marketplace.

Before accepting the order, you can already see from the green 24h payment-symbol in the detailed view of your freight search whether the order is to be processed via JITpay™.

JITpay™ automatically creates the invoice after uploading the proof of delivery (POD).
JITpay™ will pay you the full invoice amount within 24 hours.
JITpay™ covers the entire default risk of the receivable and, if necessary, takes care of reminders and debt collection.

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