Fuel for the container shipping profit explosion

containerschiff Hapag LLoyd JITpay™ Dividende

The shipping company Hapag Lloyd is increasing its dividend tenfold this year and distributing 6.2 billion euros to shareholders. The major shareholders, the city of Hamburg and the logistics group Kühne + Nagel, are profiting from the boom in the transport industry and exploding freight rates. by Dirk Mewis In view of the bubbling profits […]

Supply problems and inflation

JITpay delivery problems and inflation

Disrupted supply chains, expensive raw materials, production stoppages. Putin’s war is producing a dangerous mix of inflation and stagnation in our country, as it was last seen in the seventies. by Dirk Mewis After two years of pandemic, Germany and Europe are lurching into the next economic crisis. First came the military, then the energy […]

JITpay™ reaches the Baltic States

JITpay™ reaches the Baltic States In addition to Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, the financial service and billing provider JITpay™, which specialises in logistics, now also meets the regulatory requirements for Latvia, Lithuania as well as Slovakia and is available there with immediate effect. The FinTech from Germany, founded in 2016, continues […]

Digitalisation of logistics


Empty shelves, sold-out petrol stations: What happened in the UK in autumn is also threatening Germany. At the same time, the just-in-time principle has massively changed the logistics industry. The digitalisation of logistics is becoming a survival factor. by Dirk Mewis The German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV) estimates that the industry is already […]

Electric or synthetic


Electric or synthetic By 2030, one third of freight transport is to be powered by electricity or synthetic fuels. In addition, the traffic light coalition has announced the introduction of a CO₂ surcharge in the truck toll from 2023 and the inclusion of commercial road haulage from 3.5 tonnes. by Dirk Mewis and Oliver Kröll […]

Shorten transport routes

Shorten transport routes According to a DIHK survey, many German companies are increasingly sceptical about cooperation with suppliers from China, are looking for alternatives to the “workbench of the world” and are relying on shorter transport routes. This creates special opportunities for suppliers from Eastern Europe. . by Dirk Mewis According to German industry, material […]

Record profits in the crisis

Record profits in the crisis Despite the chip crisis, Corona and disrupted supply chains, the DAX companies achieved record profits and sales in the third quarter. The large forwarding companies also earned well. by Dirk Mewis Germany’s top corporations are thus generating more turnover than ever before, with Asia in particular driving business. Overall, the […]

„A partner on an equal footing”

Customer advisor Moritz Beisegel and the owner of Fendler Klaus Transport, Josef Fendler.

How Spedition Fendler cooperates with JITpay™. Our consultant Moritz Beisegel regularly visits our customers to talk to them about the current situation. He recently dropped in on the managing director and owner of Fendler Klaus Transport from Edling, who has been using JITpay™ since April. The two talk about his first impressions of working with […]

Reshoring changes “just-in-time” doctrine

Reshoring against bottlenecks JITpay™

Consumer electronics, household appliances and toys are in short supply during the Christmas season. Experts fear that the temporary problem will become permanent. The first companies are reacting, but retreating to one’s own continent, so-called “reshoring”, is only of limited use. by Dirk Mewis In the second Corona autumn, Germany is experiencing a state not […]

Sentiment in the German economy is deteriorating

Sentiment in the German economy is deteriorating JITpay™

The supply bottlenecks are causing problems for companies: the Ifo Institute’s business climate index has continued to fall. Economist Clemens Fuest speaks of a “bottleneck recession” in this context. by Dirk Mewis In September, the mood in the German economy deteriorated again. The Ifo Business Climate, Germany’s most important economic barometer, fell by 0.8 points […]