Reshoring changes “just-in-time” doctrine

Reshoring against bottlenecks JITpay™

Consumer electronics, household appliances and toys are in short supply during the Christmas season. Experts fear that the temporary problem will become permanent. The first companies are reacting, but retreating to one’s own continent, so-called “reshoring”, is only of limited use. by Dirk Mewis In the second Corona autumn, Germany is experiencing a state not […]

Sentiment in the German economy is deteriorating

Sentiment in the German economy is deteriorating JITpay™

The supply bottlenecks are causing problems for companies: the Ifo Institute’s business climate index has continued to fall. Economist Clemens Fuest speaks of a “bottleneck recession” in this context. by Dirk Mewis In September, the mood in the German economy deteriorated again. The Ifo Business Climate, Germany’s most important economic barometer, fell by 0.8 points […]

Lack of 100,000 truck drivers

Driver shortage threatens Christmas business

Lack of 100,000 truck drivers Retailers warn of bottlenecks. To combat the driver shortage, the British government now wants to do “whatever it takes”. Because there are only ten days left to save the Christmas business. . Denn es bleiben nur zehn Tage, um das Weihnachtsgeschäft zu retten. by Dirk Mewis The British Retail Federation […]