Record shipping congestion on the North Sea


Since the start of the Corona pandemic, global cargo ship traffic has been repeatedly thrown off track due to lockdowns. Following a strike by the workforce in North Sea ports, freighter congestion there is reaching record levels. by Dirk Mewis. The 48-hour port workers’ strike in mid-July caused the shipping congestion of container ships on […]

Waiting for the goods


Containers clog the seaports. The current labour disputes in the port of Hamburg and Antwerp are only one reason for the problems. And improvement is not in sight until next year. by Dirk Mewis Workers at Germany’s largest port in Hamburg were on warning strike the weekend before last. This is to emphasise the demands […]

Ship congestion in China

JITpay™ Ship congestion in China

Ship congestion in China The delta variant of the corona virus is again causing problems for China. After a Corona outbreak, two important ports are closed again, and the global exchange of goods is once again at a standstill. China is not the only country to experience major shipping congestion outside its ports. by Dirk […]