JITpay™ becomes a 100% subsidiary of Volksbank BRAWO and streamlines structures

We are working on the complete takeover of JITpay™ Financial GmbH by our largest shareholder, Volksbank BRAWO. For this reason, we are closing non-operating companies and transferring our entire business bundled in JITpay™ Financial GmbH to Volksbank BRAWO.

In the course of the upcoming changes, the entire product range and customer experience will be noticeably improved. Our full spectrum of services will of course remain unaffected. These are already covered by JITpay™ Financial GmbH, which is based in Braunschweig. This means that we will continue to be fully available in all relevant markets and will offer the best possible service with our usual contacts.

Specifically, non-operational, internal service companies will be closed in an orderly insolvency procedure. Thus, we will be more effective on the market in future with more streamlined processes.

Naturally, continuity in management with Dennis Wallenda and Carsten Koch and in key positions is guaranteed.

Please also refer to the current DVZ report from 21 March 2024 with additional details on this topic: https://www.dvz.de/unternehmen/detail/news/factoring-dienstleister-jitpay-strukturiert-um.html