Leaner processes, increased flexibility and improved access to carriers

JITpay™ digitizes and bundles the billing processes in logistics. Within the scope of central accounting (ZAL®), JITpay™ takes over the accounting of all logistics costs for the shippers and summarizes them in only one invoice, e.g. monthly.

Central settlement combines JITpay™ with factoring, which enables immediate payment of the carriers/shippers as well as flexible payment terms for the shipper. This gives the shipper access to much more transport capacity and allows them to bill and pay their forwarders/transport operators via JITpay™ in a fully transparent and performance-based manner.

Central accounting of all logistics costs


Put an end to the annoying flood of paper.

With the SaaS (Software as a service) solution ZAL®, JITpay™ handles your billing processes to the freight forwarder or carrier.

JITpay™ also offers the possibility to implement complex price models based on performance.

The heart of ZAL® is the so-called “Billing-Funnel”. This enables the shipper to credit the contractors for transport services at short intervals, while JITpay™ provides only a collective invoice, e.g. monthly. The side effect of this is that all transport-relevant information is bundled by JITpay™ and reported back to the shipper ERP.

Automated and performance-based billing of the purchased transport service

The billing of transport services via ZAL® is fully digital and thus automated. The agreed tariff and the digital order and delivery information form the basis for billing.

The freight charge is calculated from this information, taking into account, for example, compliance with deadlines, etc., and invoices are created. Due to the consideration of the actual performance data in the billing, the billing is “free of objections”, i.e. a later clarification of differences is not necessary.

The invoices to the forwarding agents/transport companies can be issued immediately or periodically.

How much does it cost?

JITpay™ only charges one fee per submitted transport invoice, depending on the agreed payment term. No hidden costs, no surprises.

For 30 days, the JITpay™ fee is 2.99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 14.95 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 45 days, the JITpay™ fee is 3.49% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 17.45 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 60 days, the JITpay™ fee is 3.99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 19.95 € for an order value of 500 €.
For 90 days, the JITpay™ fee is 4.99% of the invoiced amount. That is a fee of 24.95 € for an order value of 500 €.

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Turn 1000 into one!

Automated freight billing can be supplemented with the JITpay™ “Billing-Funnel”:

The JITpay™ “billing tunnel” allows contractors to be billed immediately or at short intervals, while generating a collective bill for the shipper:

Through the JITpay™ “Billing-Funnel”, you as a shipper have only one creditor and receive one objection-free statement per month.

Carriers, on the other hand, are billed promptly for the service provided and paid in full by JITpay™ within 48 hours if requested.

In addition, you can also extend your payment terms to your transport companies up to 90 days. At the same time you attract and retain forwarding agents and carriers.

Accounting via ZAL® - the benefits

The service paid immediately

Carrier factoring

JITpay™ carrier factoring gives shippers the ability to pay their contractors quickly and extend their own payment terms. Setting up factoring structures is complex and expensive. In the JITpay™ system, these are already included:

JITpay™ usually pays the freight forwarder/carrier within 48 hours of settlement. As a shipper, you get the opportunity to flexibly design your payment terms and thus create greater financial leeway.

Especially if you already use long payment terms, you can use JITpay™ Transport Contractor Factoring to address many more transport companies that are dependent on rapid payment for their services. This can lead to significant cost savings in freight rates.

With JITpay™ you deepen the cooperation with your existing partners and get new partners more easily.

Transport company factoring - the advantages

the digital order management


JITfleet™ is a digital order management system with integrated telematics. With the help of JITfleet™ you get full transparency of your orders, digital load confirmations, permanent track and trace information as well as a digital delivery receipt. JITfleet™ consists of a portal (order management) and an APP (telematics) as well as an API for integration into existing systems.

With the help of JITfleet™ you get full transparency over your orders, digital load confirmations, permanent track and trace information as well as a digital proof of delivery.

JITpay™ provides them with JITfleet™ when using central billing. That means you can easily and quickly connect your fixed-route carriers to your ERP without additional investment costs.

JITfleet™ has interfaces to a wide range of ERP and TMS systems.

The JITfleet™ app is available for Android devices here for free in the Google Play Store 

JITfleet™ - the functions