JITpay™ pays your outgoing invoice within 24 hours and optimizes your commercial processes.

Enough of long payment terms – Yes we pay!

From order receipt to invoicing: JITpay™ provides not only immediate payment but also a complete transport management system:
With JITfleet™, orders can be quickly and easily managed and processed digitally – from order receipt to payment.

the digital order management


JITfleet™ is an order management system with integrated telematics. With JITfleet™ you can manage your transport orders.

You can also assign transport orders to vehicles (scheduling) and make the track and trace information available to your customers. JITfleet™ consists of a portal (order management) and an APP (telematics).


With JITfleet™ you get full transparency over your orders, digital load confirmations, permanent track and trace information as well as a digital proof of delivery.

JITpay™ provides you with JITfleet™ free of charge when using JITpay. That means you can manage your own fleet easily, quickly and transparently without additional investment costs.

JITfleet™ interfaces with a wide range of ERP and TMS systems, so your customers can also benefit, resulting in stronger ties and more service.

The JITfleet™ app is available free of charge for Android devices from the Google Play store.

JITfleet™ - the functions

Billed and paid immediately


With JITinvoice you can create and send your invoices automatically.

With JITinvoice you can create and send your invoices automatically.

JITfleet™ generates a delivery receipt on the basis of which JITinvoice generates the invoice You can add additional services (e.g. separate idle times). Afterwards, the invoice along with the order and delivery note can be sent to the client with a “click”. As soon as the invoice has been sent, you will receive the money in your account 24 hours later. We take care of the receipt of money from the client, the reminder of the invoice and also take the risk in case your client does not pay at all.

With JITfleet™ and JITinvoice you have digitized your commercial process and will never again wait for money from your customers.

Benefits at a glance:


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